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How to learn to twirl drumsticks

How to learn to twirl drumsticks

Torsion drumsticks - a very effective technique that is used by many famous drummers while playing music, for example, Gerry Brown.

To learn how to turn the drum sticks, you need a long time to train.



Please note that by spinning the reels sticks akin to twisting the stick in karate. Feint drumsticks can be made both by means of two fingers, and by four. Equally spectacular looks clockwise rotation in the opposite direction. After 2-3 years of regular drumming this skill appears by itself. Sometimes it can be worked out, specifically focusing this time.


Put the stick between your index and middlefingers perpendicular to the palm of your hand and try to rotate it. Imagine holding in your hands the propeller. During the unwinding rod must always be placed only between the index and middle fingers. At the beginning of training can help the other fingers, but eventually starts spinning rod in your hand with ease, though without your help.


Please note that it is not necessary to rotate the stick as a paddle - first at one end, then - else. Try to keep your arm stationary, moving only two working fingers.


Note that the fingers should be kept exactly, is allowed only slight bend in the phalanges.


Try some exercises fordevelopment of hands and fingers. This will help you quickly master the torsion drumsticks. Please do rotating sticks, single blows to the scheme: R-L-R-L-R-L, where R - rotation to the right, L - left.


When you can do this exercise at a rapid pace, proceed to the working out of double strokes: R-R-L-L-R-R-L-L-R-R-L-L.


Mastered this technique and try to perform paradiddles: R-L-R-R-L-R-L-L-R-L-R-R-L-R-L-L.


Visual information on how to turn the drum sticks? look at the video of Mark Minemana schools, BobbyDzhazombeka and Thomas Lang. Album Godsmack Changes group also may be useful to you. It Shannon Larkin performs various feints drumsticks.

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