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How to learn to talk Corell?

How to learn to talk Corell?

Corella parrot - cockatoo bird family.

They are also called nymphs.

Homeland of this parrot is considered Avstraliya.Segodnya this type of bird is quite popular among home pitomtsev.Suschestvuyu opinion that these parrots can be taught to talk.

But is it?

You will need

  • - a parrot
  • - patience
  • - time



If you have just recently purchased the bird, notbegin immediately to teach her to talk. Give the bird a little getting used to you and to the new place. After all, if the parrot will be afraid of you, it is unlikely that it will focus on training.


When the parrot get your feet wet, you are ready for classes. It is not necessary at the outset to teach the bird to any phrases, the best option, it is a small word, such as the name of the parrot.


Teach a parrot is better for one person. Also in the room during class should not be other birds, and in general anything that might distract the bird.


During the lessons put a cage so that you andParrot were on the same level. Say you selected word clearly and distinctly, with the same intonation. You can also train the bird with the recorder, pre-recorded on the word or phrase.

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