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How to learn to take responsibility for themselves

How to learn to take responsibility for themselves

In any social group, the highest authorityand respect enjoyed by those who have the determination and know how to take responsibility for themselves. No one wants to deal with immature person is not able to take responsibility for their words and deeds.

Can I learn to take responsibility for the most difficult situations?



Analyze your life situation. Work on yourself makes sense if you are keenly felt the lack of responsibility. The reproaches of relatives and their "good" wishes are often a reflection of the desire to shift the responsibility on your shoulders.


Determine the range of situations in which you want tolearn to take responsibility. Attempts to answer for everything that happens in your family life and in the work community - the most direct and shortest route to a neurosis. Being responsible means that you have the ability to manage one or another situation. But there are events, the outcome of which you at all desire can not affect. In this case, your words, "I answer for it!" Can turn into an empty phrase.


Start taking control of the most simplehousehold and work situations. It may be a decision on a large purchase, change the image of your family life or performance of responsible production task. Take the initiative. Suggest spouse together to perform repairs in the apartment, taking on the most difficult stages of the work. Refer to the request to appoint you as responsible for corporate events.


In carrying out any task, strive to ensure thatthe end result is under your control. Check the quality of the work at every stage, not letting things drift. Do not try to shift the responsibility for the errors of others with whom you work. This applies particularly to those who perform the functions of the head, is a leader in the family or other social group. Responsibility assumes that you are responsible for the result, regardless of the contrived circumstances.


Learn to deal with Fear. That fear because you can not deal with the case and incur censure, often the cause of avoidance of responsibility. Choose those tasks that challenge you.


Work on improving self-esteem and eliminatedependence on other people's opinions relating to your personal and business qualities. Self-esteem and the ability to be responsible for what happens in life, it is very closely related. Those who have a sense of responsibility, usually has an independent character, and leadership qualities.

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