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How to learn to solve problems in geometry


How to learn to solve problems in geometry</a>

Geometry is one of the most important fields of mathematics. The ability to solve mathematical problems is required both when passing examinations in mathematics at school and university, and in many professions, in practice.

How to find this skill?



Possession of theoretical material will give youTools, without which even simple tasks are unthinkable. Science geometry is divided into two sections - planimetry and stereometry. It will require the availability of basic knowledge in both disciplines.


To solve planimetric (plane) problemsYou need to know the formulas for determining the areas, perimeter of the figures: parallelograms (including their varieties: rhombuses, rectangles), trapezoids, triangles, circles. Learn the theorems on the equality and similarity of triangles - they will be needed to solve most planetary problems. It is also necessary to know the definitions of angles, parallel and perpendicular straight lines.


Learn the theory needed to solveStereometric problems (related to volumetric bodies in space). Formulas for calculating the volume and surface area of ​​a parallelepiped, pyramid, cone, ball and cylinder will not only become a true helper in solving problems in geometry - their knowledge will help you in everyday life - during repair, construction, and interior design.


Lock knowledge and strengthen understanding of formulas to youWill help to substitute the test values ​​of the parameters (sides, radii) of the geometric figures studied. Having set the sides of the square at 10 cm, you can calculate its perimeter and area by the formulas P = 4 * a and S = a * a. You will not only get results (40 cm and 100 cm square, respectively), but also get the necessary experience of calculations and manipulation with geometric parameters. With it you can solve simple tasks.


The solution of the most complicated problems is not withoutPreliminary proof of equality of figures. The division of polygons and composite figures by lines, holding perpendiculars (heights) and medians will help to break complex objects into simpler elements, to calculate the areas and volumes of which will not be very difficult.

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