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How to learn to brake on skates


How to learn to brake on skates</a>

Skating ? Easy and pleasant sport. But is the most difficult and important technique in it? braking.

And it is not so simple as non-stop gliding over the ice. It is important to be able to stop skating at any speed, to brake and uphill and downhill.

To master the skill is possible, there would be a desire.

You will need

  • Skates
  • Rink
  • Perseverance



To begin, practice braking on Skating In the standing position. Slightly bend your knees and practice digging into the rink with the blade of the left foot skate, slightly pressing on the ice with the weight of the body. Then continue training with your right foot.


Begin training to brake on Skating in move. Ride a little along a straight line, then gently turn the body and press your left foot into the ice, sliding it sideways. This will slow your movement to a halt. Repeat the braking workout with the right foot.


You can try the braking method, whichAdopted by hockey players. To do this, after the acceleration, suddenly turn the body and forcefully press the skate blades into the ice. This is the fastest way to slow down. The main thing at the same time, keep your legs widely apart to maintain balance, distributing the weight of the body and pressure on the toe of the ridge evenly. To do this, slightly bend the body body backward during braking.


You can try to brake on Skating Way skaters. Slip on the ice, bending your knees in the direction towards each other, and slowly push the skate blades into the ice. The stop will be slow and smooth.

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