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How to learn to skate in reverse


How to learn to skate in reverse</a>

If you at least once get up on skates, for sure, you want to repeat this experience. And if you are already confident enough to ride, you, of course, are interested in how to ride in reverse.

This is not so much necessary, as interesting and unusual.

But in this business the most difficult? Start, because it is so difficult to control the situation when you rush forward with your back.



First of all, ensure that at the rink, on theWhich you will learn to ride backward, there was a fence, a bench or a wall for which you can hold hands, and not too many other skaters, so as not to interfere with your learning, and you hardly encountered someone. Do not forget about the defense: if it is on you, when the fall does not have to be okay.


Getting to the lessons of riding backwards, notHurry to turn around and go back up. First, push your hands away from any support and ride your back forward. So you can feel what the person feels about when he rolls backwards.


Now, take the correct position. To feel more stable, put one leg at least half a block in front of the other, and keep your legs slightly bent at the knees.


Then you can start mastering the technique. So, stand with your back to the direction you are going to go. Recall those movements that you do when you normally skate ahead. Now do all the same, just the opposite: put the jogging leg at an angle and push, but push off a little in the arc.


Finally, always keep an eye on where you are going. Go backward, get used to looking over your shoulder. Anything pleasant at falling on any kid or the old woman does not occur.

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