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How to learn to shoot with a digital camera

How to learn to shoot with a digital camera

Digital camera - ideal if your active and interesting life requires imprinting moments.

The fact is that if the right to learn how to use a digital camera, then the quality of the pictures can compete even with the results of professional SLRs.



All cameras have "auto" mode, whichaligns itself and the light, and color balance, apply the desired shutter speed and includes the flash if necessary. In general, no hassle. But unless you want to limit yourself to just one button, giving flight to their imagination and creativity? If not, then your first step - once and for all forget about the button "auto" on your camera, or use it very rarely.


Read the instructions of your device. The information written in it, may be useful. For example, any digital camera is available in several modes, which run on the "semi-automatic". Usually this mode, "portrait", "sport", "landscape", "night". Please read how to best use them.


Get some books on digital photography. They have a lot of useful tips from professional artists. From them you will learn how to put aperture and shutter speed, as you align the white balance, how to work with light.


The first mode, unlike the "semi-automatic", whichgives a bit of freedom, this "program", it is indicated by the letter R. With it, you can change, for example, the ISO (sensitivity) - a parameter that helps take pictures without much loss of quality in low-light areas.


Most Promising mode - this is M (Manual),allowing maximum control over the result. Learn how to use them. You will have to experiment a lot before you get a feeling for your camera. Using the manual mode you will be able to exhibit the desired aperture, shutter speed, ISO, and more.


Try not to just take pictures of allbeautiful that it gets in the way. The meaning of photography in her idea. What do you want to show this or that image? Answering myself this question, it will be easier to make a composite picture basis, to understand at what angle it is best to shoot.

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