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How to learn to rap

Execution rap requires constant training.

What qualities should a good rapper?

First of all, good diction, goodsense of rhythm and a powerful artistic voice feed. Yes, it is unlikely that the great rappers somewhere specifically learned their skills, their abilities were given to them by nature.

But there are aspects of the skill that anyone can master if you want proper and perseverance.

You will need

  • Records artists rap



Work on diction.

Even if you do not notice in his speech defect,It does not mean that you do not. Of course, there are rappers who have made the wrong pronunciation of some sounds original part of his style readings. But for many it will be possible to repeat it? It is much better to make your perfect pronunciation, diction worsen never too late, if so you will need to do in order to expressiveness.

So ask the opinions of others about your pronunciation, consult a speech therapist.


Rehearsed and read as much as possible twisters.

The ability to quickly say the rapper confusingphrases is an essential skill parameter. Say tongue twisters slowly at first, but gradually accelerating. Remember that the meaning is not in the pronunciation of the fast and in the right large and distinct.


Read a record of the best rappers. This is not the best way to work out your own unique tone, but well-developed sense of rhythm and understanding of the rhythm of the text.


Your rap is to be powerful. If you are reading quietly and indistinctly, no best-in microphone does not correct the situation. Therefore, work on breathing. In general, it is best to make a professional statement of votes. This will help you voice lessons or courses elocution. Stage speech and in general acting skills are very important for the rapper. They not only seal the sound of the voice, but also help to develop the ability to work in the way.
If the opportunity to attend these courses you do not have,yourself model the proper breathing. Powerful sound is only when carried out after proper deep breath. When you inhale, try to air passed into the bottom of the lungs, thereby filling them entirely. To do this, breathe? Belly? - During inspiration as it inflate the abdomen, while the diaphragm is lowered, useful volume of the chest rise.


No need to shout in order to get a great sound. Most sound power is born as a result of deep breathing and proper resonance in the body of the performer. Bundles with absolutely should not be strained.

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