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How to learn to play the electric guitar

How to learn to play the electric guitar

Musical Instruments? synthesis of art and science. The most popular tools of this family? electric guitar.

And physics, and poetry from 15 years dream of playing on it or are already playing.

If you too want to join the young culture of playing this instrument, first determine which party will you perform in a team? rhythm or solo.

You will need

  • Electric guitar-
  • Kombousilitel-
  • effektov- processor
  • Cables.



The guitar solo can perform the function oraccompanying instrument. Recently issued guitars with an eye as a style of music, and the tool part in the group, in particular rhythm guitar are richer sound.
If you want to master both guitar and functiongoing to start with the accompaniment, then remember that the guitar, there are two main types of support: fight and bust. In both cases, left hand grips the corresponding chord strings on frets, differences are in the right.
The fight plectrum in his right hand at the same time (ornearly simultaneously, to the extent possible and appropriate in a particular product) goes above or below on all the strings. In the second variant is only possible by a consistent course of string to string, it is somewhat harp sound.


Technique solo play is much more difficult anddiverse. Typically, solo instrument plays single notes, however currently involved only one string, only one sound. So, its timbre, its extraction equipment must be such that the listener listened to you with an open mouth. Receptions solo play? this band (playing the string is pulled back and forth across the fretboard), a slide (slide your finger on the string to the head, then to the body), tapping, lots of trills and other. Furthermore, it is possible to pick up effects on the CPU, giving a specific color tone guitar.

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