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How to learn to play lead guitar

How to learn to play lead guitar

Solo guitar, or as it is called differently, rock guitar, produces magical sounds and is able to raise his game secret "strings" of the soul of any person.



Learn basic musical notation. For starters learn the notes and their sequence in musical notation. Then find a note "Mi". Depending on the string will be at the third, fifth and ninth fret. Ladas - transverse strips lying along the entire length of the bar, in the same way can be found and other notes.


Make reinforcement and the first melody. As soon as your fingers will press the notes automatically, you can start learning the first tune: MI PE Re Mi Mi Mi - PE PE PE - MI SOL SOL - MI PE Re Mi MI MI - MI MI PE PE PE to. To do this, first you can play with one finger - the index, but it is necessary to learn how to play the four with time index - the game on the first fret, the middle - in the second, nameless - on the third and little finger - on the fourth.


For those who do not have a musical education andbad perceives musical notation, offered another option. With the help of tablature - Image frets and strings like a prescription notes, and without them - you can safely play any work, did not dwell on the study notes.


Once the future guitarist starts to turn a game without peeping notes written in a sheet, you can proceed to the next step: the selection of technology is playing solo guitar.


There are four types of technology: the melody arpeggio riff, improvisation. The melody can be the main theme, but can only be used as an insert.


Arpeggio - execution of the chord notes in succession. There are two methods of execution: the accompaniment and individual solos. Riff - repetitive music, which creates a certain picture. Improvisation - it's the sudden insertion of his own tunes, often associated with a common theme.


Choose a comfortable position after determining the playing technique: standing or sitting. The main rule - straight legs and back, in order to avoid tension and pain in the spine.


Proceed then to the game. If you want to perform songs from his own words, it is perfect for improvisation or riff. If the main purpose is the only game that will suit all types of equipment. And to remember the main rule guitarist - to learn, to achieve the freedom of expression of emotions and feelings.

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