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How to learn to play chords

How to learn to play chords

There are various styles of guitar playing. It often happens that people long studies in music school, is learning complicated classical works, but one suddenly notices that are with him in the company of friends want to listen to these works are not as well known to every simple songs with guitar accompaniment.

Of course, no one hurt a classical education, but it is to master the basic chords, and to be ready to play an accompaniment to your favorite song.

You will need

  • The guitar chord scheme.



Find a book with diagrams of chords, or downloadsuch circuits on the Internet. Usually chords scheme is constructed as follows: they are shown schematically 6 guitar strings and frets crossing usually fret numbers are put on them. Dot denotes the string-fret positions to be clamped. The open strings are usually denoted by a white circle. They can be used and several other designations, but the general principle is always like that.


In Teach basic schemes chords: Majeure (e.g., C, D, etc.), minor (Am, Em, etc.).


Find chords simple songs. For this purpose, suitable songs Russian rock bands or Britpop teams. Select the ones that you already know all chords. It is important that the song was very familiar to you.


Try playing a chord progression of the song. Play at a very slow pace. It is important that you replaced chords in the rhythm of the song, even if it is much slowerthe original tempo of the song. Thus, you train your fingers to move from one chord to another. Over time, you can gradually increase the pace. Do not fuss. Each time the switch from chord to chord, try to do as little as possible of unnecessary movements with your fingers.


Right-handed attempt to repeat the rhythmic figure that you heard in the song. It is not always easy, you may first have to simplify it. But eventually you will succeed.


Do the same with the other songs. Over time, as well learn a few songs, try to sing to his accompaniment.

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