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How to learn to play chords


How to learn to play chords</a>

There are different styles of playing the guitar. It often happens that a person studies for a long time in a music school, learns difficult classical works, but one day suddenly he notices that friends with him in the company want to listen not to these works, but to familiar simple songs to the guitar.

Undoubtedly, classical education will not hurt anyone, but at the same time it is worth mastering the main chords to be ready to play the accompaniment to your favorite song.

You will need

  • Guitar, charts of chords.



Find a book with chord schemes, or downloadSuch schemes on the Internet. Usually chord schemes are built as follows: they are schematically depicted 6 guitar strings and crossing frets, usually the numbers of frets are marked above them. The dots denote the positions of the string-lad, which must be clamped. Open strings are usually marked with a white circle. Several other notations may be used, but the general principle is always this.


Under the schemes, learn the basic Chords: Major (for example, C, D, etc.), minor (Am, Em, etc.).


Find Chords Simple songs. For these purposes, the songs of Russian rock bands or Britpop teams will work. Select the ones in which you already know everything Chords. It is important that the song was familiar to you.


Try playing the sequence of chords from this song. Play at a very slow pace. It is important that you change Chords In the rhythm of the song, albeit much more slowlyThe original tempo of the song. Thus, you will accustom your fingers to move from one chord to another. With time, the pace can be gradually increased. Do not fuss. Every time you move from a chord to a chord, try to make as few unnecessary movements as possible with your fingers.


With your right hand, try to repeat the rhythmic figure that you heard in the song. It's not always easy, you may have to simplify it first. But eventually you will succeed.


Do the same with other songs. In time, when you master some songs, try to sing to your accompaniment.

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