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How to learn to pay taxes

How to learn to pay taxes

It is the responsibility of each taxpayer includestimely payment of taxes and fees. The Federal Tax Service informs citizens about the amount of the accrued charges, in accordance with the Russian Federation tax legislation, sending a notification at the end of the reporting period.

But there is another method for obtaining such information.

The Federal Tax Service has posted on its website a convenient service that allows you to learn the tax debt and generate payment documents.



Go to the website of the Federal Tax ServiceRussia and use the information system in accordance with the taxpayer's status. This service may be addressed to individual entrepreneurs, legal entities or individuals. Information about the tax debt is available only for individuals. To access it, click on the tab "e-services" on the home page. Scroll down the list of services provided by the item "Personal account of the taxpayer."

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click in the window that confirmsconsent to the processing of your personal data system. This will allow the service to access the protected information of the Federal Tax Service of Russia.

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Fill in the details of the taxpayer when entering your personal information into the active field (the INN, the name and the region). In addition, the need to write in a special bar code shown in the image.
Click 'Search' to go to yourpersonal data, placed in the personal account of the taxpayer. The system selects all your tax liabilities and interest accrued on the amount paid late.

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On your personal page displayed assessed taxes and fees payable to the various budgetslevels. For the convenience of users are provided by automatic generation of payment documents and with full details of recipients of cash. For cashless transfer of funds, you can use the electronic payment system of the Savings Bank of the Russian Federation.

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