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How to learn to draw tanks


How to learn to draw tanks</a>

Draw a tank is not as easy as it seemsFirst glance. First of all, this is due to its structure - the machine is a body with a tower attached to it, rotating on 360 °, caterpillars and muzzle.

But once you understand how these basic elements are drawn, you will be able to cope with the task.

You will need

  • - paper-
  • - a pencil-
  • - The eraser.



Make a sketch of the tank, the muzzle of which is directedto the side. Draw a horizontal line, slightly curved in the middle. Draw under it two more straight lines intersecting in a place located under the bend point of the top. Connect these places vertically. Also draw vertices the outer boundary points of the two lines. Then draw a prism, located on the main body of the tank, which will symbolize the tower of the tank.


Mark the boundaries of the caterpillars. Draw two lines of the lower part of the body in small arcs. On the inside, add two more traits, representing the width of the caterpillars. Spread the horizontal - divide the caterpillars in half. Under it draw the wheels, located in the middle of the caterpillars. For this, divide the line of wheels into equal segments, each of which will be the axial line of one wheel. Dimensions of the wheels should be different - those that are located closer to the front, draw more than the wheels in the rear of the tank.


Draw a muzzle of the tank. At the top, draw a straight line, and under it, make another one. Closer to the bottom of the barrel, draw several rings, placed at some distance from each other.


Make a drawing of the details. From the bottom, blow down to the middle line of the caterpillars, draw two parallel lines. Draw the guards covering the tracks. One of them run along the entire length of the tank, and the second draw a small visible part of it, which peeps out from behind the hull of the tank. Small parts worth drawing a hard type of pencil for a clearer drawing.


Darken the inner space near the wheels. Draw horizontal lines along the entire width of the tracks to show their bumpiness. Note that the caterpillar dimensions should be about 2 times smaller than the height of the entire tank.

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