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How to learn to paint castles

How to learn to paint castles

Draw locks are very interesting. Using the image of the palace, you can decorate with decorative panels wall or a child's room.

Landscape with a beautiful fairy-tale castle will give the interior a romantic look.

You will need

  • - bumaga-
  • - karandash-
  • - Eraser.



Select the desired size of the castle. You can indicate the notes on a sheet of the extreme points of the image. To lock turned out neat, and its smooth contours and sharp, use a ruler and a soft pencil.


Paint the walls in the form of large buildingshorizontal rectangle. To its side edges pririsuyte vertical rectangles that will watchtowers. The medieval castle tower located in all corners of the defensive wall. This arrangement allows us to see the enemy coming from afar.


Castle Towers have a cylindrical shape. Show the roundness can be built with the help of well-placed shadows. At the upper edge of the towers draw a square stone teeth. As an example, use the form of chess rook.


Add another tower in the middle part of the figure. The lower part of the tower wall has to be hidden. And this tower should be larger and higher patrol. For her to draw defensive battlements on the top edge of the construction is not necessary.


Complete the picture of gabled towersroofs. If you draw a fairy-tale castle, you can strong enough to pull up the roof spiers. This will give the image of cartoon look. The tops of roofs adorn delicate fluttering flags.


Even in a protected building, like a castle, there is a window. But they are small and narrow. Draw them in the form of elongated arches. The smaller windows you draw, the more it will seem impregnable your palace.


In the middle of the wall to make a big gate in the form of an arch. Fill the resulting shape several vertical lines. So you also document the board or iron bars, which are made from the gate.


The inner space of the walls and towers of the fill pattern of bricks. To do this, draw a neat rows of small rectangles.

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