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How to teach to draw a portrait


How to teach to draw a portrait</a>

Often, when children draw a portrait of a person, they forget the proportions of the face (or rather, do not pay attention to it) and in general, can get lost in a blank sheet, not knowing how and where to draw.

To do this, you need to help the child, talk about the basic steps.

You will need

  • A sheet of paper, a pencil, an eraser, materials for working in color.



First, place a sheet of paper or album vertically. With a simple pencil, start sketching portraita. A little above the center draw an oval, it will be the head of a person. Of course, the shape of the head is different for people, but on this you pay attention to your child after, when he again shows interest in portraitY.


Now draw a man's neck and shoulders. On the face, make a markup. This is necessary in order to make the features of the face "right" and everything was in place. Divide your face in half with a vertical line. Now divide the face with two horizontal lines into three parts. Draw eyebrows on the first, upper line. Place them under oval eyes. Draw a rainbow and a pupil in them. It is easy to check whether the eye is the same distance from the center of the face. For this, measure the distance from the pupil of one eye to the middle of the face with a pencil, and then from the middle to the other pupil. If necessary, edit the picture.


Then draw the ears so that they are locatedBetween the first and second horizontal lines. From the eyebrows draw a nose, leading the line from the eyebrow to the bottom horizontal line on the face. In the lower part of the face, mark a smile.


Now we need to invent a hairstyle for a man and dress him in a suit or dress at the discretion of the child. If portrait Draw someone's, then give it characteristic featuresAnd human attributes - a form of hairstyle, freckles, moles, glasses, earrings and more. Now the eraser can gently erase the auxiliary lines on the person's face. Add cilia as desired, draw more full lips. Then draw the pattern in color using colored pencils or paints. Felt-tip pens are not very suitable for this work, as they leave a clear color immediately, which is not subject to correction. The portrait is ready!

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