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How to learn to draw a portrait

How to learn to draw a portrait

Often, when children draw a portrait of a person, they forget the face aspect ratio (or rather, do not pay attention to it) and, in general, can be lost in a clean sheet, not knowing how and where to draw.

To do this, you need to help your child to tell you about the basic steps.

You will need

  • a sheet of paper, a pencil, an eraser, materials for work in color.



Firstly, place a sheet of paper or album vertically. With a simple pencil sketch start to perform portraita. Just above the center draw an oval, it will be a head man. Of course, the shape of the heads of the people are different, but in this you pay attention to your child's after, when he once again show interest in portraity.


Now draw a person's neck and shoulders. On the face make markup. This is to ensure that the facial features to get a "correct" and everything was in place. Divide the face in half by a vertical line. Now divide the face of two horizontal lines into three parts. At first, the upper line draw eyebrows. Below them are arranged in a oval eyes. Draw them in the iris and the pupil. It is easy to check - whether at the same distance from the eye center of the face. To do this, pencil, measure the distance from the pupil of the eye to the middle of the face, and then from the middle to the other pupil. If you want to - make a picture editing.


Next, draw the ears so that they are placedbetween the first and second horizontal lines. From the eyebrows, draw a nose, leading a line from the eyebrows to the bottom of the horizontal lines on the face. In the lower part of the face arc mark smile.


Now you need to think of a person hair and put it in any suit or dress for the child's own. If portrait paint someone, you give it the characteristicsand human attributes - form hair, freckles, moles, glasses, earrings and more. Now you can gently erase eraser auxiliary lines on the face. Add optional cilia draw fuller lips. Then do the drawing in color, using crayons or paint. Felt is not too suitable for the job as leave immediately clear color, without undergoing correction. Portrait ready!

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