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How to learn to not be afraid of the pain

How to learn to not be afraid of the pain

Pain - this unpleasant feeling, an experience associated with damage to any part of the body or the threat of such damage. The fear of getting hurt - a natural protective reaction of the organism.

But in many cases, have to endure the long-term or short-term pain.

Therefore, for many it will be useful to get rid of the fear of getting hurt.



Prepare for pain. Fear of different pain go away, if you prepare in advance for all occasions: to disease, injury, a toothache. Purchase a variety of painkillers, ointment, cream, etc. Triggered psychological effect of protection: as soon as something hurts, all drugs are already at hand. Will only accept them and wait for the effect.


Increase your pain threshold. The threshold of pain - is individualized for each level of sensitivity to stimulation, cause pain. A person with a high threshold of pain less acutely felt severe pain and hardly feels weak pain. The increase of the pain threshold promote regular exercise, hardening, healthy lifestyle, proper rest. In addition, it was found that with a shortage in the body of B vitamins, pain threshold is significantly reduced.


Become purposeful person, learnmanage their psychological state. Sthenic emotions - aggression, excitement, uncontrollable desire to achieve something - accompanied by a decreased sensitivity to pain. Asthenic emotions - fear, helplessness, nervous stress - make a person more sensitive to pain. Choose for yourself any strong emotion sthenic to help dull the pain.


Use pain massage, not to be afraidget hit by someone, do not be afraid of the pain from the blows. In the martial arts warriors have learned not to be afraid of pain with a special massage pain. To do this, they edge of his hand, a wooden stick or some hard object slightly obstukivali body. Gradually the power nastukivaniya increased, decreased sensitivity to pain. Also, the fear passed before striking.


Convince yourself that the pain - it was good. To do this, use any technique of self-hypnosis, self-hypnosis, neuro-linguistic programming or meditation. The bottom line is that you need to convince yourself a huge favor by pain. According to recent studies, the sensitivity to pain decreases dramatically if the man to impress, he will get something very good from it. Trick yourself, suggesting that as a result you are undergoing pain, for example, will get pumped up muscle or lean body, or to improve brain activity. And the pain will be much easier to bear.

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