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How to learn to moonwalk

With the right moon walk you will become the star of disco

For the first time this item was made by Michael Jackson as much as in 1983.

Since then, the moonwalk was not only his trademark, but also a popular element breaks available any dancer.

You will need

  • foldaway soft shoes with soft non-slip soles



Stand up straight. Then, leaning on his left leg, pull your right leg back and put it on the toe perpendicular to the floor. In order to better keep the balance, keep a constant distance between the legs. The distance should be such as to make you stand in this position.


Left foot stand firmly on the heel. Then draw it back past the right (foot slip on the floor) and put it on the toe, weight transfer on the right heel. Right leg at the same time to lower the toe to the entire foot. Thus the legs reversed.


Do all the same with the other leg, youwill move back. To create the illusion of walking, add motion with his hands. Move them as you move them when walking: the right foot goes back, the left hand goes forward - and vice versa. Corpus hold slightly tilted forward, like a man who goes forward.

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