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How to learn to live without resentment


Learn to live without resentment</a>

Resentment, this is quite normal phenomenon, like sadness and joy.

But for some reason some grievances pass quickly, while others linger for a long time.

The problem is not in the grievances themselves, but in theirInfluence, and therefore we must learn to control and reduce their impact. The easing of resentment must begin with overcoming one particular offense and deal with it from a position of reason.



Admit to yourself that you are offended by a situation or a person. It does not matter who you are offended, the main thing is to admit to yourself what feelings you are experiencing while doing it.


Forgive yourself for being offended. It's not because you were offended, but offended you.


Determine for yourself what specifically offended you. Some words, actions or what was behind it. At the same time, analyze not the act of the offender, but your feelings.


Understand the reason for the behavior of the offender. Do not blame or judge him. Assume that he simply did not suspect how to behave differently. Maybe his act is just a natural result of your actions. After all, we are treated as we allow.


Do not ignore the insult. Avoiding the problem will not protect you from a repetition of the situation in the future. Talk to the abuser about your feelings. Try to refrain from reproaches, do not ask for explanations and promises to do so no longer. Talk only about your feelings and feelings. Try to negotiate and find a mutually beneficial solution.


Refocusing also helps to prevent grievances. Stop paying attention to errors. Mark what happened.

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