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How to learn to live without resentment

Learning to live without resentment

Resentment, this is quite normal, as well as sadness and joy.

But somehow, some grievances are quickly while others linger for a long time.

The problem is not themselves insults and theirimpact and therefore we must learn to control and reduce their vozdeystvie.Izbavlenie from resentment to start with one specific address grievances and deal with it should be with the mind position.



Admit to yourself that you are offended by some situation or person. No matter who you are offended, most importantly, admit to yourself what you feel at the same time.


Forgive yourself for being offended. It is not because you have hurt and offended you.


Decide for yourself what exactly are you so offended. Some words, actions or what was behind it. At the same time analyze the offender does not act, and their feelings.


Understand the reason for the behavior of the offender. Do not blame and do not judge him. Let us assume that he simply did not know how to behave in a different way. Maybe his act just a natural result of your actions. After all, we are treated as we ourselves allow.


Do not gloss over the offense. Avoiding the problem will not protect you from the repetition of the situation in the future. Talk to the abuser about your feelings. Try to resist the accusations, do not require explanations and promises to continue not to do. Only talks about their feelings and experiences. Try to negotiate and find a mutually beneficial solution.


Refocusing also helps to prevent injury. Stop paying attention to mistakes. Celebrate the fact that it was possible.

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