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How to learn to let the ring

How to learn to let the ring

Despite the incessant propaganda, which tells about the dangers of smoking, and the existence of multiple rejection techniques from this addiction, the number of fans of tobacco smoke is not reduced.

Discharging a translucent smoke rings leads some into a state of calm and relaxation.



Select cigarettes that produce the most densesmoke not buy light instances, resins in which are present in an amount insufficient to produce the desired smoke density. For these purposes, you can also use cigars. Earn tobacco cigarettes moved inland as far as possible. To do this, tap on the stack on top of the hand or knock it on a hard surface. The result of these manipulations at the top portion of the cigarette should be left some space. Light a cigarette and let out the first couple of puffs, the consistency of which has not yet reached the desired level.


Relax and try to achieve perfectresults from the first attempt. Take a deep puff, during which try to dial into the lungs as much as you can smoke: so you can make more attempts. Close your mouth and point the tongue back so that its tip points downward. Slightly loosen the lips forward and form one circle. Do not make it too big. Begin to let smoke rings. To imitate this slight cough. You will feel the tension and the rapid flow of smoke coming from the lungs. Do not activate the vocal cords, breathing out to be barely audible. Move the tongue forward dramatically when you feel that the smoke leaves your lungs. At the same time dramatically raise the lower jaw upwards.


Use another method. Dialing cigarette smoke into the lungs, the maximum strain your jaw. Try to clamp his lips and form of a small circle with the release of smoke. On the exhale, you have worn out the sound like "oh." Dialed smoke into the lungs release the intense shocks. To increase the smoke rings in size, it is necessary to change the circle of his lips, to the maximum without closing them.

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