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Study should bring joy

Many parents and educators believe that a child can be made to learn.

Some even have a motto: "Even though under the lash, but it will be an excellent student."

But in fact, the child can only be interested.



"Chocolate for five"
It is the most common technique among parents,who believe that everything can be solved by contractual relations. If a child is disciplined enough, not stupid, and wants at the end of a quarter of a new bike or a computer, it will scramble to get five. Perhaps it will be a statistical success, but not practical. After all, the scholar may sincerely hate all this shaft meaningless information.


"Nanny, governess, tutor"
The child learns bad also because itbanal lack of attention to the teacher. Once it is launched, and the material is now shy or lazy to go and ask the teacher about the subject two weeks ago. If the teacher does not use the authority of, the problem is exacerbated by the latent conflict: "I do not like math, because I do not like the teacher." To do this, there are tutors with extensive experience and charisma. The interesting educator - a hundred percent guarantee of interest in the subject. It is not surprising that many chemists with nostalgia fun and direct teacher who drove a round dance with them - "a molecular lattice." Or Trudovik who sang war songs and taught to cobble together a stool.


"Reliable and daily routine."
The child may lack the habit of workingsystematically. He has no timetable, a clear daily routine. And there is another reason that his parents - people are spontaneous and unorganized. It is better to make a schedule for the whole family. And to allocate a separate - for the child. It is important to take into account his opinion, but do not go at it on occasion.


It is necessary to organize a child's seat. Order a comfortable chair, a table, check whether the light falls, whether the back pain from work, there are no distractions before the eyes of posters and stickers. You can offer your child to go to the store and buy interesting and colorful stationery, which he wants to pick polzovatsya- baskets and containers for notebooks, drawings, pens. A place for learning to be comfortable and even attractive.


"Shore up the interest."
Learning does not want to, when the teacher is driving largeamount of information, giving students the possibility to relax in the classroom and assimilate the information. The exclusion in this case - is a natural reaction. And the parent, if you can not hire a tutor, he must understand the subject, which seems dull child. Then structure your material to help with memorization: make cards with verses teach, organize quizzes. Another good thing to push the space to study new books, toys, movies, pictures. For example, go to a museum to look at things "boring" historical epoch. Or buy collections of funny puzzle games, search the libraries "Entertaining arithmetic" Soviet publications, "Entertaining biology", "Entertaining the Russian language."

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