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How to learn to knit flies


How to learn to knit flies</a>

Flies - this is something without which it is impossible to fish properly. Some anglers prefer to buy ready-made in-store, while others make them themselves.

And they admit that it is possible to learn how to knit a fly for any man, even a man.

Moreover, the occupation is more than fascinating.

You will need

  • Vise-
  • Clamp-
  • scissors-
  • Thread-
  • needle-
  • tweezers-
  • Fur, wool, hair, feathers,
  • glue-
  • wax-
  • Hooks



Before you start knitting, decide on whichIt is the fish you will catch. From this directly depends on the technology of making flies. After you've decided everything, you can start working. Knit directly from the body of the product. It is produced by winding the material on the hook. Remember that the main part of the fly must be conical, so pay special attention to winding the center of the base of the product. While doing knitting of the fly body, remember that it can not exceed the length of the hook in length. Leave a place for the legs, wings and head. To do this, it is necessary to make an indentation from the hook ring, which is approximately 3 mm. If you are knitting a body of wool or feathers, then the winding must be fixed, having treated it with varnish.


When knitting, consider the fact that all the turnsMust be made with very precise movements and fit snugly together. If you want to make a fly with bristles, then they must first be done separately and only then attached to the common product. The bristles are added to the hook in the following way: tie them with a special knitting thread to the hook. You can do this while winding the last layer of the winding. Remember that the bristles must lie at right angles to the body of the fly.


The wool tags are attached to the common body according to theThe same pattern as the bristles. The only thing you need to remember when doing this kind of work is that every single piece, whether it's a bristle, wool or winding, is surely attached to the hook itself. And to fix it, you need to wrap it in an additional few turns of thread and at the end tie it to a knot.


The legs for the fly knit from feathers, also withUsing the hook. Select it is necessary, based on the thickness of the source material. To start work, put the pen with one side to the body of the hook. The starting material, i.e. Proper pen, keep all the time stretched. The number of legs determines the number of revolutions of the pen around the hook. Fix the resulting result with a knitting thread, laying it very tightly at the base of the leg.


Now you can proceed to the manufacture of wings. And they can not be neglected, because it has long been proven that fish take an artificial fly for the present solely because of the wings. They can be made either 2 or 4 (paired). When making wings, several rules must be taken into account. The material must be easy. Their value is approximately 3/4 of the total length of the product. Wings should be slightly elevated. To achieve this, you need to reel them, scrolling the thread with a figure eight. If you want to make your fly a pair of wings, then you must knit them first as single, and then connect.


All elements are attached to the main body by the method of winding and fixed with knots. For a more stable result, the fly can generally be treated with varnish or wax.

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