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How to Learn to Knit

In human life, besides work and everyday affairs, can be a hobby. Women often knitting.

Learning this is not difficult. The main thing - to want to decide for yourself a few simple questions and start!

Only by learning to knit, you can indulge in just such a thing, as you would like.

Before you begin to learn to knit

If you really want to learn to knit, but stilldo not know how to deal with this kind of needlework, pre-decide for yourself some questions. Think about how and where you will study. Of course, you could go on special courses, but will have to pay for them. And if for free? On the internet you can find many sites with a description of knitting technology, there are video tutorials that will help you regain your hobby.
If you do not have a computer and internet, betterjust find a friend, who gladly binds all his family and friends. It will show you the basics of this type of needlework and can then suggest something.

What do I need to buy for knitting

Have you decided what you will knit with needles orcrochet? Spokes usually knit sweaters, scarves, hats. Crocheted fabric is a more dense and better keeping complex shape, so they knit some styles hats, quilts, blankets, toys, as well as the edge of the finished product, made with needles. Also, the hook is usually knit lace shawls. Create a complex pattern on the needles much more difficult.

To tie socks and gloves, you need already 4 spokes. Newcomers in this case, perhaps, it is not necessary to start with so many spokes.

Knitting needles and hooks are metal and plastic. As practice shows, learning knitting needlewoman beginners usually very tighten the loop. So to start is better to choose the metal spokes - hinges on them better glide.
It is preferable to choose a good wool blend,rather thick thread, needles have to do a loop or hook a lot easier. Knitting needles and hooks vary in thickness and have their number. Selecting them for a particular yarn, remember that the knitting tools should be half to two times thicker threads.
And another little secret. When you knit a few times, and then dissolve the product, thread deteriorate, "curly" related part of them looks worse and worse. To avoid this, when you realize that are ready to establish a good thing, shall shoot all that knitting before rewinding the thread in a loose ball and hold it over the steam. As a result, the thread lies flat.

Your first knitted article

Now you can start knitting. For the first time, choose a simple style blouse or simply tie a beautiful scarf. To calculate how much you need to dial the loop, tie a sample of 30 to 30 loops, otparte its iron and see how many centimeters the product obtained by such an amount. On the basis of the desired width, such as a scarf, calculate how many loops you need to dial.

Getting to your knitting, you have to be patient: not everything will turn out as we would like, but eventually you will be able to create a masterpiece, is not inferior to the models being demonstrated on the podium.

mating process is not very fast. Before long winter evenings practicing this type of needlework helped pass the time. At a time when every minute counts, I want to do everything quickly. But knitting that does not happen. We'll have to disband and yarn several times and start again, and set aside for a while to again have the desire to continue.
But there are pluses and they are not few. A little tough, you get, for example, a fine jacket, which no one else there. In addition, nutritionists and advised very Learn to Knit: focusing on the work, you will be less likely to come to the table to put in your mouth the next cookie. In addition, when you learn the needlework, knitting is very good to soothe your nervous system.
Remember that learning to knit is never too late!

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