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Long-distance running - it is a fascinating

Jog - long distance - you have in your life more than once. First, in school, physical education classes, and some - and at competitions, then the army, the university, if he played for the national team ...

Unfortunately, there are cases when you have "Happy Feet" and from street robbers or just drunken thugs.

And you have to run far from 20 meters to you from behind.

You will need

  • For workouts - (!) Comfortable and worn-shoes, sports clothing for the weather.



It is better to go for a jog in the morning, when the body is still full of energy, before breakfast, so as not to damage the stomach.


First, you must diligently exercise. We must start with the neck and slowly move your hands, then at the pelvis and legs.


Then you can start to run. Start taking better slowly and gently, so as not to tear veins, until the body has not yet warmed up. Gradually, you can pick up speed. It should be smooth and deep breathing while running.


In the first run to better understand how you run comfortably, and run this distance for about a week. Gradually, you can increase the distance.


After running slowly go up until breathing is restored.

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