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How to learn to concentrate

How to learn to concentrate

Concentration - the key to success.

How to get rid of distractions?

How to come to success?

You will need

  • - strength of will
  • - confidence
  • - patience



If you are absent-minded and forgetful people, often"Flying in the clouds", then you concentrate very hard. But nothing is impossible. The main thing - do not throw anything in the middle. Start small. Give yourself some purpose, try to remember it, do not write. The next day you have to remember and try to execute it. For example, tomorrow I'll deal with old things in the closet. The next day, everything is done. Well, a good start.


There is a wonderful exercise for concentrationmind. Daily watch the clock hands for 2 minutes, nothing thinking. First you will be too heavy, thoughts are flashed, you will need to discard them. However, it is proved that after 21 days concentration will be 100 per cent.


Good focus helps meditation. It is best in the morning 6-7 hours to 10-15 minutes sit in the lotus position, close your eyes and not think about nothing. Just let the thoughts float and disappear. Over time you get used to it and maybe your morning you'll always start with meditation.

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