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How to learn to fight a girl at home

How to learn to fight a girl at home

Today, girls often have to learn to fight.

To get rid of too intrusive and even hamovatyh fans. To fight back street hooligans or rapists.

And just to feel more confident in an emergency.

It so happened that nature has created womentotally unsuited to a successful confrontation in a fight with men. But this does not mean that she can not do anything to oppose the bully or tyrant. A good level of physical and mental preparation, knowing a few tricks can help the girl in a fight, even more than man.

Physical training

Physical training - is the foundation of all truemartial arts. It is impossible to get a good combat training without physical. In addition, keep in mind that the average bully often busy drinking and parties, than training. So what advantage it is not difficult to obtain.
At home, you can perform complexstrength exercises - push-ups, sit-ups, abdominal exercises and others. In the morning it is useful to run, but do not jog, and to develop sprint qualities. This will run in those cases when there is no chance (attack a few people, they were armed, and the like). Good physical shape and will improve the reaction speed, improve the shape and health.

Combat training

Combat training - is working out specifictechniques, punches, blocks, care, seizures. Forgotten how they can be on some self-instruction manual or video course of self-defense. And for practical steps to better invite a friend, looking for a girlfriend. If this is not possible, to fulfill receptions front of a mirror or with an imaginary opponent .. Still, it's better than nothing. If the home has plush toys, they can work out the strikes, and large toys - some throws, catches. Learn how to beat your opponent on painful points: the groin, thigh, his Adam's apple, eyes.
Methods to model the complete automatism. Remember: it is better to work out perfect 2-3 doses than superficially 10-20. Remember, it is not always a fight going on in "ideal" conditions. Learn to defend himself in an elevator, on the stairs, on slippery surfaces, on the heels and chilling clothes sitting and lying down.


Think about guns and how you can ituse. For the girls it will be a good advantage in a fight with superior enemy. In some cases, even a demonstration shocker, pepper spray or a knife cools the ardor of the attacker.
From the materials at hand in a fight, you can useand stone, and a stick and a bottle, and even a stool. Girls often use high heels to strike the legs, long hair clips, splash into the eyes of spray deodorant. It is also important to work at home and the use of weapons of improvised means, at the right time not to get lost and do it right.

Psychological preparation

Remember that in a street fight there are no rules andhuman relationships. Proceed certainly apply maximum damage to the attacker, do not think about the consequences. You - the weaker sex, and any court you will meet. Remember that the "best three judge than four will suffer."
Do not forget that it is better to avoid fighting than win it. Do not look for his trouble. This means also that if there is an opportunity to escape - run.

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