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How to learn to fight

How to learn to fight

The fight - no method for solving most problems.

However, more and more men and women want to learn how to protect themselves and their loved ones in these turbulent times.

The correct approach to the fight

First of all, you need to understand that learningto fight in a short time is impossible. After all, you need to pass psychological, physical and military training. Without passing any of these stages of you are unlikely to get a good fighter.

Select the type of fight that I want to. For street fights (a situation of open aggression outside the ring or Hall) best suited judo, boxing, kickboxing, martial karate or wrestling. All these types of martial arts are good that they beat to really and truly teach away from the blow. As part of these arts to explain and show how to hit the sore spots.

The secret of a comprehensive approach

Pick a fight, tune in to a long processstudy. Mastering the technique of the fight, bringing the body into the desired physical form will take at least a couple of years. To build muscle, add a class struggle of general physical training - exercises with a barbell or dumbbells, running or swimming. These classes develop endurance and strength, speed up the reaction and temper character. And the struggle of classes, and physical training should be regular. It is very important to increase the load gradually. Ideally, you need to agree on general physical training sessions with your wrestling coach. It will help to find the right rhythm training, determine the correct level of load.

The undoubted advantage of any serious clubmartial arts is the ability to fight a live opponent. Without a real, you can not contact workouts to get practical skills. Books and theoretical courses will not give you no experience, no information that can be obtained during the first contact sparring under the guidance of an experienced coach.

Do not be afraid to ask the coach questions thatIt may seem silly. If there is something you do not understand during training, please specify the details immediately. Unexpected spaces in the art of battle or in the theoretical knowledge can manifest themselves with the worst side in critical situations.

A very important aspect of preparation for fightsIt is emotional. Most civilized people have in their minds a kind of psychological barrier that does not allow them to hurt other people. We must learn to circumvent this barrier in a situation of open threats, freeing an instinct for self-preservation. On the methods of bypassing this barrier is likely to tell you the coach and sparring with roughly equal opponents help you get rid of the fear of pain and fight.

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