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How to learn how to embroider patterns


How to learn how to embroider patterns</a>

Scheme - a preliminary idea of ​​the future work performed in the technique of embroidery (beads, cross, smooth, etc.).

The scheme can be colored or black and white, in both cases each color is indicated additionally with a special symbol.

You will need

  • Canvas-
  • Threads and / or beads for embroidery-
  • Needles-
  • Embroidery frame-
  • Scheme.



Prepare to buy threads or beadsNecessary colors. It will be better if you buy with a margin. In particular, the beads of the same color in different batches may differ slightly, which will affect the result of the work.
When embroidering beads in monastic technique, pay attention to the size of the beads: all of it should be the same. In this sense, prefer the Czech and Japanese beads to Chinese.


The canvas is a cloth divided into even squares. Due to this, it is much easier to calculate the stitch size than on regular fabric. Thread a contrasting color, sew the entire canvas vertically and horizontally through every 10 squares (respectively, 10 future stitches).
& Nbsp-Scheme is also divided into squares, andEvery ten is marked by a thicker band. Cut a piece of canvas by the following formula: the number of squares according to the scheme + 3 cm on each side of the future work. This difference will pull the canvas on the hoop.


Calculate where the middle of the embroidery will be approximately. Fill this area in the frame and tighten it properly. Select the desired color of the thread or bead and start embroidering.
& Nbsp-Strictly follow the pattern: the number of stitches must correspond to the number of squares marked with the corresponding symbols.
& Nbsp-With embroidery threads, some squares have to be skipped (if they have a different color in them). In embroidery with beads, dial beads for beads, not missing squares.

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