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How to learn to embroider scheme

How to learn to embroider scheme

Scheme - a preliminary idea of ​​the future work done in the technique of embroidery (beads, cross-stitch, embroidery, etc.).

The scheme can be color or black and white, and in both cases, Each color represents an additional special symbol.

You will need

  • Canvas-
  • Threads and / or beads for vyshivki-
  • Igolki-
  • Pyaltsy-
  • Driving.



Advance purchase or thread beadsdesired colors. It would be better if you buy a stock. In particular, the beads of the same color in different batches may differ slightly, which will affect the result of the work.
When beadwork in monastic technology, pay attention to the beads size: all he has to be the same. In this sense, the Czech prefer Chinese and Japanese beads.


Canvas - fabric, divided into equal squares. This count stitch size is much easier than on a normal tissue. The common thread of contrasting color sew the entire canvas vertically and horizontally every 10 squares (respectively, 10 stitches future).
& Nbsp-circuit is also divided into squares, andeach marked by a dozen more fat stripe. Cut a piece of canvas with the following formula: the number of squares on the chart + 3 cm on each side of the future work. This difference allows the canvas to pull the hoop.


Calculate where will be located approximately mid-embroidery. Fill this area in the hoop and carefully tighten. Select the desired color of thread or beads and start to embroider.
& Nbsp-Strictly follow the pattern: the number of stitches must match the number of squares marked with the appropriate symbols.
& Nbsp-With embroidery thread, some squares have to pass (if marked with a different color in them). The beadwork dial bead for bead without missing squares.

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