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How to learn to ski


How to learn to ski</a>

Learning to ski is not difficult. For beginners, the most important thing is not to be afraid of failure.

As in any case, to become a professional, you need to train hard.

But first you need to master the technique of skiing.



To begin with, you need to purchase the appropriateinventory. Do not be afraid of heavy ski boots, which at first may seem uncomfortable. After all, it is precisely in them that the precision and smoothness of your actions are concentrated when moving on skis. Shoes should be comfortable and well buttoned on the foot. A helmet must be used to protect the head.


The ability to hold a rack is required for goodSkating. To begin with, learn to just stand on the skis with both feet and alternately on each one separately, because keeping the balance is the main thing for skating. You should have a leg bent legs in the knees, hands with the chopsticks should be bent at an angle of 90 degrees and slightly diluted. Only when you catch the balance, try to roll down on the most gentle descent, keeping the skis a short distance from each other (20 cm).


Stand up across the slope and try using the azure, tilting both knees towards the slope, a little to pull down. Make sure that both legs move together. If this works for you, go to the turns.


In order to perform the first turn, youIt is necessary to gently tilt both legs and the hip in one direction, slightly pressing on both skis at the same time. The body should be slightly bent forward and in the opposite direction of the turn. The pressure on the ski when the canopy down should be small. With proper movements, both skis with you must make a small turn. After this, you need to return to the original rack and make a turn in the opposite direction by smooth pressure on the skis and tilting the legs and pelvis in the opposite direction. Skis should clearly obey the actions of the feet.


The most important rule of the fall: for safety reasons, it is necessary to fall only on its side, in no case backward or forward. Do not relax the body.

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