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How to learn to dream

How to learn to dream

Imagination and creative thinking are not all nature.

However, sometimes you want to compose a colorful history, or come up with a nice slogan, but creativity is not enough.

Fortunately, the modern world is so developed that studied the problem and found a solution to it.



Take any two objects. From one - his image, from the second - its effects. For example, an egg and a lullaby. You can sing a lullaby, and the egg is. It turns out, the egg or singing a lullaby lullaby eating egg. From these bases you can think of what and who the egg lullaby sings. Or with whom and what eats eggs lullaby.


The second exercise is more difficult. This is where the three are already subject. For example, a case, a bone ceiling. Wardrobe gnaws a bone in the ceiling. The ceiling of the cabinet makes bones. Ceiling gnaws cupboard. And so you can think of a lot of options.


Divide the two words in half and connect them with each other. For example, a stick and St. John's wort - paloboy, maybe locomotive and mentality, then paroment.


Again take two objects of any kind, that's only becauseone of them do the verb. Do not pay attention to the fact that there are no such words. Still, we are trying to develop their imagination, and in his understanding, nothing could be and everything is possible. So, for example, an elephant and a mat. It turns out, the elephant rug or mat elephant.


This exercise is done more than once. They may look funny, but are difficult, so do not treat it with levity. We need to give them enough time and effort, while imagination knocks on the door itself.

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