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How to learn to draw graffiti in pictures

How to learn to draw graffiti in pictures

If you want to master the technique of graffiti, withoutlisten to those who think that it is very difficult to do. If desired, you can master this method of forming patterns, improving their skills in the future.

Start learning the basics of graffiti on a piece of paper, and soon you will be able to decorate the walls with bright original drawings.

You will need

  • - Simple karandash-
  • - Colour pencils-
  • - paper.



Learn the technique of execution drawings graffiti. Take a walk through the streets of the city, for sure you will meet figures made in this style. Coming closer, look closely at how the layers of paint applied, the shade chosen colors. Find interesting images for the study of graffiti art and can be on the Internet.


Draw in pencil on a sheet of paper. Do not immediately try to portray the graffiti in public spaces. Choose a simple black-and-white patterns. Do not place the pattern elements close to each other. You may have something to add or correct.


Give your drawing bulk. To do this, use the shadows and highlights. Create a line of varying thickness, varying the pressure of a pencil on a sheet of paper. Learn how to create graffiti pencil, start adding color drawings. Having described circuit, fill in the space inside the main color. Create a glare of light shades of the same color. Do shade darker than the base color. By creating several shades of shadows and highlights, you can get a more realistic picture.


Go to the drawing wall pictures whenyou are completely mastered the technique of graffiti on paper. If you can easily pick colors for drawing episodes, have learned to work with a pencil without thinking how it is necessary to click on it with the image of a certain element, it means that you are ready for painting graffiti in public spaces.


Start with small images. At first, the work on the walls do not improvise: create a drawing on paper first. Now, to improve their ability to draw graffiti you need only continuous practice.


Think for yourself the tag - the signature that you will leave for his work. Learn to do it quickly and give it originality.

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