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How to learn how to draw eyes

In portrait drawing of the human eye are the basis for creating the overall atmosphere of the portrait, as well as the element of the person, without proper rendering which people will not look like a portrait.

Beautiful eyes impart realistic portrait,certain mood, help to convey emotions to spectators, and so every graphic artist should be able to draw this difficult part of the human face.



First of all, remember whatthe anatomical structure of the eye is not distracted by the eyelashes, eyebrows, eyelids, and other elements surrounding the eye. The eye has a spherical shape, its visible part is convex, and from this bulge dependent curves of the upper and lower eyelid.


Think of the eye in the form of a ball, framedfor centuries, which is located in front of the cornea is more convex. In addition to the form of the eyeball, consider the shape of the deepening of the orbit, eyelids and brow ridges and brow.


Even better understand the structure and the structure of the eye inthe image will help you cast your eyes, created with the perspective and anatomy. Draw eyes, also taking into account the peculiarities of its promising reductions and landing line in the orbit.


Line brow, usually scheduledslightly inclined to the edge of the orbital cavities. Mark the transitions to the planes of the cheeks and bridge of the nose and eyebrows. Always draw the nose just above the inner corner of the eye? on this basis, form of the eyes in the picture, in accordance with nature, from which you draw.


Always be guided by the level of the nose, drawing the correct eye position line. The outer corner of the eye can be located above the level of the lacrimal gland in the inner corner, and below it.


Mark the correct fit of the eyeball andcornea. Mark the pupil. Then proceed to drawing the lower and upper eyelid that covers the eye through its bends, taking into account the prospective cuts.


Depending on the cut eye also changesthe degree of opening the eyelids. The upper eyelid is always greater than the lower bent. The eye should always be slightly tilted forward with respect to the vertical profile of the person.


After forming the basic contours of the eyes and eyelids begin to add to the picture shadow, light and reflections, using the eraser and shading.

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