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How to learn to draw eyes


How to learn to draw eyes</a>

In a person's portrait, the eyes are the foundation that creates the overall atmosphere of the portrait, as well as the element of the face, without the correct drawing of which a person will not look like a portrait.

Beautiful eyes give the portrait a realistic,A certain mood, help convey emotions to viewers, and therefore every graphic artist should be able to draw this difficult part of the human face.



First of all, remember whatThe anatomical structure of the eye, without being distracted by eyelashes, eyebrows, eyelids and other surrounding elements. The eye has a spherical shape, its visible part is convex, and the bends of the upper and lower eyelids depend on this bulge.


Perceive the eye in the form of a sphere framedCenturies, in front of which there is an additional convex cornea. In addition to the shape of the eyeball itself, consider the shape of the deepening of the orbit, eyelids, as well as the eyebrows and brow ridges.


It is even better to understand the structure and structure of the eye inThe image of a plaster cast of the eye, created with perspective and anatomical features, will help you. Draw an eye, also taking into account the peculiarities of its prospective cuts and the line of planting in the eye socket.


The line of superciliary arches, as a rule, is outlinedSlightly inclined to the edge of the orbital depressions. Mark the transitions to the planes of the cheekbones, as well as to the bridge of the nose and eyebrows. Do you always draw a bridge just above the inner corners of your eyes? Based on this, form a section of the eyes in the picture in accordance with the nature with which you draw.


Always focus on the level of the nose, drawing the correct line of eye position. The outer corner of the eye can be both above the level of the lacrimal gland in the inner corner, and below it.


Mark the correct placement of the eyeball andCornea. Mark the pupil. After that, go to the drawing of the lower and upper eyelids, which cover the eye along the line of its bends, taking into account the perspective cuts.


Depending on the incision, the eye also changesDegree of eyelid disclosure. The upper eyelid always curves more than the lower one. The eye should always be slightly inclined forward relative to the vertical profile of the person.


After the formation of the main contours of the eye and eyelids, start adding shadow, light and reflexes to the drawing, using an eraser and hatching.

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