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How to learn to draw a vase

How to learn how to draw a vase

In order to learn how to draw a vase, you need to be skilled in the construction of perpendicular lines and a good eye.

Knowing the general rules, it is possible to depict a vessel of any shape and proportions.



Draw a vertical line, symbolizing the axissymmetry vase that you draw. Two perpendicular lines separate the bottom border and the container neck. Do not click on the pencil, the auxiliary line will remove the rubber band is necessary.


Prischurte one eye, pull the hand with a clenched inher pencil. Place it horizontally at the bottom of the vase to the tip of the left border of the match. Pencil leans against an object image is not necessary. Place the nail where is the bottom right border. Not removing the nail with a notional point on the pencil, move it to a vertical position, and count the number of times a measured portion enters the height of the vase. If the proportions of the vessel such that its height is three times the width of the bottom, the lower horizontal mark on the line two points equidistant from the vertical distance between which is equal to one third height. Test yourself with a pencil, measured off on a sheet of all proportion.


Using a pencil, is in extendedhand, compare the width of the bottom and the neck. Reflect in the figure the ratio of these sizes. Select all the curves of the vase, build auxiliary horizontal lines. To select a point on the vertical axis, use a pencil, pull it out, fix the width of the bottom of the nail, and turning it vertically, calculate the altitude, expressed in the amount of the bottom, it is bending. So you can keep the proportions of the vase.


Spend ovals, passing through the pointmarked with horizontal lines. Remember, ovals, lying in the bottom of the vase, wider than those that are drawn on the upper horizontal lines. Smooth lines connect all the points between them. Observe the field of concave and convex. Erase unnecessary auxiliary lines. The figure should remain the side contours of the vase, oval neck and bottom. Paint the picture.

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