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How to learn to draw a pencil

How to learn how to draw a pencil

Simple pencil - one of the easiest-to-learn tools for drawing. Drawing them, do not have to think about the color of the objects depicted.

All the attention can be focused on the story.



Start with the proper selection of the instrument itself. Practice shows that many artists annoying need to constantly sharpen the classic pencil and the pressure it is necessary to apply when drawing so much that your fingers get tired quickly. Collet pencil partially removes the first but not the second problem. Very comfortable modern mechanical pencils with thin rods. Select among them such that the channel for the lead, but rather the entire body is made of metal. Make sure that it was easy to get supplies. To purchase this tool designed for rods 0.5 mm in diameter. Other slate (0.7- and 0.9-millimeter) are deficient.


Another important factor is the softness of the pencilor cores to it. Giving is any general recommendations that would fit all the artists, it is useless. Use the slate of the hardness, which is most convenient for you that best suits your style.


Learn how to transmit with a pencildifferent tones. Work out in the gray scale image in different ways: painting with a variable force, streaking with different-density strokes.


Learn to depict perspective - this skillYou will need when drawing in any technique, not only in pencil. If the prospect is not given to you (it also happens), do not worry. There are artists who create true masterpieces, it is not using it. The same applies to a plausible picture of skills of persons if this you can not depict their caricature.


Note the order of paint strokes with the image object plane: a dividing line must be horizontal, above it - the vertical.


Do not fall for advertising courses offeringimprove drawing skills in just a day or two. Note that not the secret of their flyers. They really shown people pictures taken before and after training. However, looking closer to them, we can conclude that the authors of these images are good and drew up course. Train the same drawing from scratch in a day or two is not possible.

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