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How to learn to draw a face

Only one color

Learned to detail face sitter getsnew paint, reveal unseen features disinterested eye, facial folds. Depicting a man is important to achieve similarity in everything from eye expressions to the folds of his shirt.

If a strong desire, portrait painting can start playing, despite the fact that he executed the same stick pastels? Sepia ?.

You will need

  • - Pale yellow sheet of paper to the size of 55h38 cm pastels?
  • - Oil pastel sepia?
  • - turpentine
  • - spatula
  • - Ornamental knife



Make a sketch of the head. Mark the contours of the head sharpened tip of an oil pastel sticks? Sepia ?. Through light touches the side of pastel sticks, show the location of the eye sockets, mouth and forehead bend with. The nostrils and eye pupils mark wand tip.


Draw the neck. Draw the line in the course of comparing its proportions to the proportions of the head. Make sure that the head took a natural position. On the shaded side of the face and neck, apply a light short strokes. Fluent lines show the contours of the shoulders and the upper part of the garment.


Add a light shade. Use the remaining tissue to pastel to add a light shade on the lower jaw and around the collar of his shirt. Ask pointed tip pastel sticks left nostril and mouth shape, emphasize the eyes and eyebrows sitter. Once again go over the hair.


Deepen tone. Grind touches of pastels on the hair, and then send the invoice eyebrows and the hair above the ear tip pastel sticks. The shadow on his forehead deepened, carefully rubbed hatch. Apply pastel tone on both sides of the nose, around the mouth and under the chin, gently rub with a damp cloth. Add new touches of pastels around the nose and chin, rub them with your finger.


Draw shadows. Slightly deepen the shadow on his forehead and rub sitter pastel strokes. If applied tone was too thick, carefully remove excess pastel palette knife.


Add details. Spread the pastel strokes, who wrote the hair above the ear sitter, add new strokes of pastel hair right and top. Sharpen pastel stripes specify features sitter? eyes, lying beneath the shadow, crease that runs from the nose to the mouth, the mouth itself and the area around the ear. Deepen patterned shadow cast by the shirt collar, rub it with a damp cloth.


Work on facial features. Nib pastel sticks specify the contours of the right shoulder and collar sitter. Add some tones under the chin, check the folds around the nose and in the corner of his mouth sitter. Describe in detail the shape of his ear. In order to depict the light patches on the lips sitter, clear pastel palette knife a little paint. Spend the bold lines that convey the texture of the hair. Figure prepared.

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