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How to learn to draw a face


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Learned to trifle the face of the model acquiresNew colors, reveals features invisible to the uninterested eye, mimic folds. Representing a person, it is important to achieve similarities in everything from the expression of the eyes to the folds on the shirt.

If you strongly want to, the portrait can play with colors, despite the fact that it is filled with a single stick of pastel? Sepia ?.

You will need

  • - a sheet of pale yellow paper for pastels measuring 55x38 cm
  • - oil pastel? Sepia?
  • - turpentine
  • - palette knife
  • - ornament knife



Make a sketch of the head. Mark the contours of the head with the sharply sharpened tip of the oil pastel stick? Sepia ?. Drawing light strokes on the side of the pastel stick, show the location of the orbit, mouth and forehead bend with. Nostrils and pupils of eyes designate with a tip of a rod.


Draw a neck. Mark the lines, in the course of the job, checking its proportions with the proportions of the head. Make sure that the head has taken a natural position. On the shaded side of the face and neck, apply light short strokes. Loose lines show the contours of the shoulders and the upper part of the clothes.


Add a light shadow. Use the pastel on the fabric to add light shadows to the lower jaw and around the collar of the shirt. Clarify the left nostril and the outline of the mouth with the pointed tip of the pastel stick, emphasize the eyes and eyebrows of the sitter. Go through your hair once more.


Deepen the tone. Pound the pastel shades on the hair, then transfer the texture of the eyebrows and hair over the ear with the tip of the pastel stick. Shade on the forehead, carefully rubbing the shading. Apply a pastel tone on both sides of the nose, around the mouth and under the chin, lightly rub with a damp cloth. Add new strokes of pastels around the nose and chin, rub them with your finger.


Draw the shadows. Slightly deepen the shadow on the forehead of the sitter and mop the pastel strokes. If the applied tone was too thick, carefully remove the excess pastel palette knife.


Add details. Treat the pastel strokes with which the hair is written over the sitter's ear, add new strokes of pastel to the hair on the right and above. Sharpen the pastel strip, specify the features of the sitter's face? Eyes, a shadow underneath them, a crease that runs from the nose to the mouth, the mouth itself and the area around the ear. Deeper by shading the shadow that the shirt collar discards, rub it with a damp cloth.


Work on facial features. Point out the contours of the collar and the right shoulder of the sitter with the pointed tip of the pastel stick. Add a little tone under the chin, specify the folds around the nose and at the corner of the sitter's mouth. More details describe the shape of his ear. In order to depict the light glare on the lips of the model, remove a little pastel paint with a palette knife. Draw bold lines that convey the texture of the hair. The drawing is ready.

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