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How to learn to do handstand on one hand

How to learn to do handstand on one hand

Stand on one hand is a complex acrobatic tricks. For its development required a long and hard training.

Basically, success depends on the skill of the correct weight transfer case with two hands on one.

Initially, it is necessary to develop the muscle complex. Education requires a different amount of time, depending on the trainee's individual qualities. On average, you need 1.5 to 3 years, when classes start from scratch.

Basic training exercise

We must try to stand on his hands, resting your feetthe wall. The biggest challenge is the need to get up at close range to the plane of the wall. At first, the need to help another person, for the safety net.
The development of muscles for selfstop on the wall is required from 2 weeks to a month, subject to a daily practice. If you ask about a certain safety net, to do the exercise "bridge". This position develops fundamental muscles that need to stand on one hand.
In the process of training is not necessary to try toto lean his head on the wall, follow the breath, it should be smooth and free. Once his feet were on the floor, his head can not be raised sharply. It is necessary to gently massage the forehead with his hand and gently climb.

How to remove his feet from the wall?

When it turns freely stand on hands aroundwall for 45 sec., you can proceed to the next exercise. It is necessary to gradually remove the feet from the wall. If it will be kept on hand to 8 sec., It should be to move away from the wall and engage at the center of the room.
It is necessary to put the hands on the floor and lift feet, as inprevious exercise. Note that there is no wall, and do not make too sharp swings his feet. The stronger the repulsion from the floor, the force of attraction will be felt. Therefore you need to raise the legs gently, very gently.
Try to stay in the rack on two hands. As will be well prepared, practice exercise with the legs in the splits. Sometimes stand with straight legs is obtained only with a strong deflection in the lumbar region.
To the body was smooth, it was originallylearn to do the splits in the rack, not holding up his legs behind his back. When will be able to get stronger in this position, the legs can gradually be reduced, then the deflection in the back will not be. You must learn to stand on his hands to 45 seconds.

The development of balancing skills

It is necessary to train the special situation in whichimproved development conditions necessary for balancing the muscles. Muscle complexes develop only under conditions in which a person placed himself.
If you want to stand on the one hand, and neverthis could not be done before, it is necessary to move towards the goal without jerks. Dilute feet twine, carefully I transfer the body weight on one arm. We must learn to be kept in a rack, when the second hand is placed on the fingers. When will survive as 20-30 seconds, you can be trained to do the last exercise.

balancing fingers

It should be one to raise the fingers frees your hands, starting with the little finger. At the same time keep the balance, not to hurry. This exercise is best done slowly but correctly.
Over time, hold the balance, you can helpcurrently only the middle and index fingers of the second hand. Then, use only one finger, then gently remove it as well. When will calmly carry an element within 15 seconds, it is necessary to reduce the leg. As a result, you can learn how to get into a rack on the one hand to a standing position.

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