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How to learn to dance


How to learn to dance</a>

Street dance as a direction in the dance appeared in the last century in the US.

Then the dancers learned the movements right on the street for lack of special rooms for dancing.

Today the style of street dance is one of the most popular among young people, it is taught in choreographic classes.



Street dance refers to freestyle. In the basis of this direction lie the immediacy and the combination of different styles that are not compatible with each other. For example, classics and jazz. The primary in street dancing is the ability of a dancer to convey to the viewer how he sees himself in the dance without any skills and skills, and performing tricks only complements the performance. Street dances, so translated from English this direction, include the transition from impulsive and rapid movements to slow. In the dance, fading elements are possible. The composition of street dances includes such genres as hip-hop, break dance, new-style, house.


In order to learn how to perform street dances,You can enroll in a dance school located in your city. Choreographers will show the main elements and movements-transitions. But this is only the technical basis of the dance. Speech, especially in this style, requires the dancer not only learned movements performed for a certain music, but also relaxation of the soul and full immersion in his world. Everyone can easily learn street dance and without special preparation, the main thing is to dissolve into incendiary music and listen to the language of your body.


If you absolutely do not have time to hike inChoreographic class on street dancing, but you want to learn how to perform these dances excellently, then video lessons on the Internet or on dvd discs that you can purchase at any specialized store will help you. The only drawback of this training system is the lack of a teacher who can prompt the correctness of the performance of movements. In other respects, this method of training allows the dancer to plan the time for dancing and save money. After all, as a rule, in choreographic classes the teacher can not purely physically spend time for each performer, therefore the dancer is engaged in self-study at home.

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