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How to learn to dance street dance

How to learn how to dance street dance

Street dance as the direction of the dance appeared in the last century in the United States.

Then the dancers rehearsed movement on the street in the absence of special facilities for dancing.

Today, the style of street dance is one of the most popular among young people, it is taught in dance classes.



Street dance belongs to the freestyle. At the heart of this area are the immediacy and the combination of different styles that are not compatible with each other. For example, classical and jazz. Paramount in street dance dancer is the ability to convey to the viewer as he sees himself in the dance without any skills, and perform tricks only complements the performance. Folk dancing, as translated from the English this direction include the transition from impulsive and quick movements to slow. In dance elements may fade. The structure consists of street dance genres such as hip-hop, break dance, new-style, house.


To learn how to perform street dance,You can enroll in a dance school, located in your town. Choreographers will show the basic elements of motion and transitions. But this is only the technical basis of the dance. Speech, especially in this style requires the dancer not only memorized the movements made by certain music, but also to relax the soul and total immersion in their world. Everyone can easily learn how to street dance and without special preparation, the main thing to dissolve in the fiery music and listen to your body language.


If you have absolutely no time for hikingdance class for street dance, but you crave to learn how to perform these dances are excellent, you can help video tutorials on the Internet or on dvd disc, which you can purchase at any specialty store. The only drawback of the education system is the lack of a teacher capable of supporting the correct execution of movements. The rest of this teaching method allows the dancer to schedule a time to dance, and to save money. After all, as a rule, in dance class teacher can not physically take the time each performer, so the dancer is engaged in self-learning at home.

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