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How to learn to dance on the pole

How to learn to dance on the pole

One of the most fascinating spectacle - dancing on the pole.

In different ways you can treat this kind of dance, but no one will deny that it is beautiful and sexy.

Follow the instructions and you will be available for the execution of such a beautiful room.



First you have to choose the style of dance. This consultation will help the teacher strip-plastics, which, depending on your physical data can offer an emphasis on rhythm and erotic fulfillment. Choosing a dance school, you will need to attend to the moment when you are not satisfied with the result.


For classes is necessary to choose clothes thatIt will not hamper movement and will give your image of sexuality. As a rule, this outfit is very frank, but agree that sometimes you need to give free rein to imagination.


At the initial stage of training your main task -"Feel" pole as his partner. To do this, you will perform simple exercises that are available for beginners. This will help you explain the teacher and, of course, a video demonstrating the art of dance to pole.


In the process of learning the main thing - the desireimprovise. The plastic strip is not rote learning of movements, a clear statement of the dance circuit. There is only the basic items that you are using the art of improvisation, can be turned into a colorful show.


Remember that classes strip of plastic you have to keep yourself in good physical shape, because dancing pole require more physical effort. And do not despair if you have something does not work. Patience and determination will certainly lead you to success.

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