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How to learn to count in the mind


How to learn to count in the mind</a>

For a very young and growing body, an important factor, besides his health, is mental activity.

Is it advisable to teach the child to count in the mind as early as possible? In school it will be a big plus and in life will come in handy.

It is advisable to start the initial calculation of the numerals from the age of 2 years.

The more you and your child count in your mind, the better for him.

You will need

  • Teach the child to count in the mind.



It is worth noting that there is no difference in choosingItems that you will count: cars, trees, houses, streets, children in the yard. Consider even a raven over your head? It will not bring trouble to you. The main factor of a quick counting in the mind for a child is his full awareness of the need to count. Do not show the child what you want to see only his ability to count. Along with household issues, combine your child's education with simple calculations. For example, after eating, do you need to wash the dishes? do not hurry. Try to interest the child with the following sentence: "Let's calculate how many dirty dishes are left after us?".

How to learn to count in the mind


Once your child has mastered the artCounting everything that comes his way, go to the study of the numbers themselves. In his life, new images appear: instead of the usual counting on the fingers "one, two, three" new numbers come, which do not resemble each other. Most often the child quickly remembers the magnets, which have a bright coloring and are attached to the refrigerator, because the kitchen is often visited by the room of your apartment. It is worth noting that not every child is ready to learn an oral account at the age of 4-5. Therefore, try to teach the child as early as possible so that the flow of your knowledge does not hit him like an avalanche in the preschool period.

How to learn to count in the mind


Explain to the child the principle of? 10 ?. Many passed it only at school, but practice shows that children can learn this in the kindergarten. For example, the author of the article in the preparatory class considered up to 100 and back. Actually, the entire preparatory class was a repetition of what I knew before. Tell and explain that the amount does not change from the change in the places of the terms. Begin to train your child's mental abilities from an early age, preferably from 2 years.

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