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How to learn to count in your mind

How to learn to count in your mind

For the very young and growing organism, an important factor, in addition to his health, a mental activity.

It is desirable to teach a child to count in your mind as soon as possible? at school it will be a big plus in life come in handy.

Initial training account numbers, it is desirable to start with already 2 years.

The more you and your child will be considered in his mind, the better for him.

You will need

  • Teach the child to count in your mind.



It is worth noting that there is no difference in the selectionitems that you count: cars, trees, houses, streets, children in the yard. Consider even the raven over his head? it will not bring you trouble. A major factor in the rapid account for the child's mind is his full awareness of the need to consider. It is not necessary to show the child that you only want to see his ability to count. In addition to domestic issues, align your child's learning simple calculations. For example, after a meal you need to wash the dishes? do not hurry. Try to interest the child in the following sentence: "Let's count how many dirty dishes left after us?".

How to learn to count in your mind


Once your child master the artcounting everything that came his way, go to the study of numbers themselves. In his life there are new images: instead of the usual counts on his fingers, "one, two, three" come the new figures, which are not similar to each other. Most often, the child quickly learns the numbers magnets, which have bright coloring, and are mounted on the refrigerator, because the kitchen is considered to be haunted room of your apartment. It is worth noting that not every child is ready to learn an oral account the age of 4-5 years. So try to teach the child as early as possible to the flow of your knowledge is not hit him like an avalanche, in the preschool period.

How to learn to count in your mind


Explain the principle of? 10 ?. Many were it only in school, but practice shows that children can learn this as early as kindergarten. For example, the author of the article in the preparatory class count to 100 and back. Actually, all the preparatory class was a repetition of what he knew before. Tell and explain that from the relocation of sum is not changed. Begin to exercise mental abilities of your child from an early age, preferably with 2 years.

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