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How to learn to control your anger


Keep negative emotions under control</a>

Anger is a fairly strong emotion, with a destructive effect on a person. Surrendering to rage, you stop listening to your own mind.

In this state, you can commit an act about which you will later regret.

Therefore, it is important to take anger under control.



Try to solve the problem that causesYou are angry. Perhaps you are outraged by an attitude that is unfair to yourself. And you feel that you will soon begin to boil. Do not let go of the situation. Be able to stand up for yourself and protect your opinion. Then there will be no occasion for anger. This method is good, logical, but not always applicable. There are situations when it is necessary to extinguish negative emotions, but their cause can not be quickly eliminated.


Watch the words. Curses, insults and a heightened tone can be the beginning of a real scandal. A trivial way, when you need to count to ten, before opening your mouth in a fit of rage, it works. Even in such a short period of inactivity, the mind begins to take precedence over negative emotions.


Find an outlet for accumulated unpleasant feelings. Take off while cleaning or in the gym. Draw your abuser in a caricature style, imagine him in an unsightly, funny situation.


Distract yourself from your experiences. In an acute moment, when your emotions are about to boil, switch to the essence of the problem. Put yourself in the place of the person who causes negative in you, penetrate into the content of his phrases. The manifestation of empathy will help you first understand that you were wrong, and then calm down.


Learn to forgive. Indulgent attitude to other people's mistakes, love of others and faith in people will help you avoid outbursts of anger. If you see in every person a threat, an enemy, negative emotions will not be avoided.


Watch your health. Decreased vitality, loss of energy and body resources, reduce your ability to resist negative emotions in almost "no." At the same time, good health and health will help you create immunity against outbreaks of anger and rage.

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