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Keep your negative emotions under control

Anger - a pretty strong emotion, which has destructive effects on humans. Yielding to wrath, you are not listening to your own mind.

In this state, you can perform an action which you will later regret.

It is therefore important to take the anger under control.



Try to solve the problem, which is inyou angry. Perhaps you are outraged unjust attitude to yourself. And you feel that will soon begin to boil not a joke. Do not hold the situation. Manage to stand up for themselves and defend their opinions. Then the reason for the anger is not. This method is, logical, but not always applicable. There are situations when it is necessary to pay off the negative emotions, but their cause is impossible to fix quickly.


Watch out for words. Swearing, insults and increased tone may be the beginning of the scandal. Banal way when you need to count to ten before you open your mouth in a fit of rage, running. Even in such a short period of inactivity the mind begins to take precedence over negative emotions.


Find the output accumulated unpleasant feelings. Nuts during cleaning or in the gym. Draw the offender caricatured style, imagine it in ugly, ridiculous situation.


Take a break from their experiences. At the critical moment, when your emotions are just about ready to boil, switch to the crux of the problem. Put yourself in the place of the person calling you negative, hearken to the content of his phrases. The manifestation of empathy will help you first realize that you were wrong, and then settle down.


Learn to forgive. Condescending attitude to mistakes, love for others and faith in people will help you to avoid outbursts of anger. If you are in everyone will see the threat of the enemy, negative emotions will not escape.


Keep an eye on your health. Reduced vitality, loss of energy and resources of the body, reduce your ability to resist negative emotions almost "no." At the same time, well-being and state of health will help you to create immunity against outbursts of anger and rage.

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