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How to learn how to compose rap


How to learn how to compose rap</a>

In Russia, rap came from Brooklyn from blacksCame from Jamaica and quickly gained popularity among young people. Most of all teenagers are attracted to rap light apparent ease: a rhythmic background can be spoken, more precisely, to read the phrases of his own work, which you yourself are hurt for the living.

However, in fact, when a guy or a girl is sitting with a pen and a piece of paper or in front of a computer screen and going to rhyme their own experiences, they do not always get it.

In order to compose rap, in addition to abilities, you need perseverance and knowledge of several simple writers' secrets.



They say that all writers are good readers. It's the same with rap: all the authors of their own songs must first become good listeners of other people's creativity. To create your own rap song, you need to listen to a lot of songs of recognized masters. And do not just listen, but also repeat them aloud, chanting over and over again to catch the rhythm. After such training, writing will become much easier.


You need to decide on the topic you want toWrite a song in the style of rap. Do not immediately think about the rhyme, it does not always come immediately, and it just upsets. You just need to write down all your thoughts about a loved one if the song is dedicated to him, or relationships with friends, or the injustice of life in general. When the text is written, you can try to enclose it in rhymes.


Ask your friends, preferably also rappers,Play with you in the Battle. This is a battle, a verbal duel, in which opponents in turn turn rhymed lines under a given rhythm. Improvising is easier when you are alone, and the match is spurred on by the imagination. If you are afraid later to forget what you read on the battle, write to the recorder.

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