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How to learn to beatbox

How to learn to beatbox

Beatbox is the imitation of artmusic, primarily rhythmic sounds with articulation organs of the mouth and vocal apparatus. Most often beatbox used as accompaniment to a variety of hip-hop compositions.

Having learned some techniques that you can also perform the unpretentious composition.



To improve your skills, it is not necessaryonly have talent, but also a lot of effort to do so. Carefully follow all of the recommendations listed in the instructions, and eventually you will achieve good results in the art of beatbox.
First, remember the three basic sound. This is the sound of "kick." To do this, tell the letter B, without moving his lips. To fulfill the sound "hat", just briefly tell the letter C. And finally the sound "sner", which will perform more complicated. Inflate cheeks and tell Puff without the use of the vocal apparatus, but only with his lips. Learn all three sounds, start to experiment. Sing them individually and together, are constantly interchanged. That's all the basic principles of beatbox.


After that, begin to develop in every way: check beatbox lessons. Regularly review performance professional beatboxers. They always have something to learn. Copy them to bits and techniques, but do not overdo it. Since you can seriously damage your vocal apparatus.


Download to your music player songsbeatbox and constantly listen to him. This is very important because you will get used to the sound. In the future you will be able to imitate some of the sounds. Try to copy by beatbox tunes of popular songs. So you can learn many techniques.


Learn some sound effects, such assiren echo violin and drop. And shift to beatbox sounds. Subsequently, you can insert them in your composition. Connect with fellow beatboxer, they can learn a lot. And remember, to learn this craft, you need a lot of training and practice. Pay classes at least one hour a day, and you will be surprised how a few months, will achieve good results in this case.


Refer to a professional teacher. It is a small charge in the shortest time will teach you all the basics and the basic sounds. You will only need a little effort, and you will learn how to perform Russian beatbox at an acceptable level.

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