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How to learn a verse in an hour


How to learn a verse in an hour</a>

Poems carry a cultural heritage. In addition, they help our memory to be toned.

However, not everyone knows how to memorize a poem for the shortest possible time.

You will need

  • Poem, pen, paper



Start learning the poem before going to bed. So it will be much easier for you to remember it. It's about the characteristics of human psychology. When you face any task at a time when the body is already anticipating a dream, you will cope with it much faster.


Carefully read the entire poem. Do not try to remember it immediately. Just read the text. Try to feel the feelings and moods of the author. Imagine everything that is said about the work. Images will help you cope with the task.


Rewrite the text on the sheet. Say every word. Try to write in a beautiful and legible handwriting. Many people have better developed visual memory, so this exercise can greatly simplify the task.


Take a sheet with a rewritten poem andRead the first line. Then, without peeking into the text, repeat it. Then read the first two and repeat them. Add this way each time in line to the text already learned. When you get to the third quatrain, the first one will be clearly fixed in your memory.


Pay special attention to the last quatrain. There are several reasons for this. Firstly, in most of the poems, it carries the main semantic load. Secondly, by studying the text in this way, you repeat it the least number of times.


Try to create and memorize associations. If you accidentally forget what should go on, they will help you return to the text of the poem. You can also write down words from which the lines begin, the most memorable ones are the ones that are most memorable. Looking at them, you can easily remember everything entirely.

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