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How to learn notes for a synthesizer


How to learn notes for a synthesizer</a>

Keyboard synthesizer is an electronic musical instrument, remotely reminiscent of a piano. The number of keys on it varies from 48 to 88.

The method of recording notes, as a rule, is the same as for a pianoforte: two musical staves connected by an accalado and denoting a left and right hand.



Notes for the synthesizer, with rare exceptions,They are written in accordance with the sound (unlike a guitar or a piccolo flute transposing an octave down and up respectively). As well as it is written down in the reference on the elementary theory of music, in a treble clef to the first octave it is written down on the first additional line from below (in bass - on the first additional from above).
A string in the synthesizer part record is a pair of rulers connected by an accalad. On the top of them are written notes for the right hand (usually in the violin key), on the bottom for the left (usually in the bass).


First, analyze the part of one hand, better right. Play it so slowly that you have time to play all the notes. If possible, read it out loud, it's better than playing under the metronome. Do not accelerate the pace on large durations (half and whole) and do not slow down on small ones.
Do not seek to play the whole work (evenOne hand) from start to finish, especially if it takes more than one page. Divide it into logical parts and learn each separately, and then connect.


In the same way, disassemble your left arm: At a slow pace, in small fragments. Connect all the pieces. Playing time after time, you will see that gradually you memorize notes. First it will be expressed in the ability to quickly find the right keys, then there will be less need to look at the notes.


Connect the parties of the left and right hands. Follow the same principles of moderate (comfortable) pace and small pieces. Play the passage several times until you can repeat it without looking at the notes. Then proceed to the next.
Ideally, you should not look at the keyboard either. For example, if the hands are located at different ends of the keyboard, and at some point both require attention and control, one will have to play blindly. To do this, repeat the part separately, without looking at the keyboard. Then connect the parties of both hands.

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