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How to learn the notes to the synthesizer

How to learn the notes to the synthesizer

Keyboard Synthesizer - an electronic musical instrument in structure vaguely reminiscent of the piano. The number of keys on it ranges from 48 to 88.

The method for recording music are usually the same as that for a piano, two staves connected braces and indicating the left and right hand.



Sheet music synthesizer, with rare exceptions,are written in accordance with the sound (in contrast to the guitar or flute-piccolo, transposing an octave up and down respectively). As written in the handbook for elementary music theory in the treble clef of the first octave is recorded on the first additional bottom line (in the bass - in the first added on top).
Line in an entry synthesizer Party is a pair of lines connected accolade. On top of these notes are written for right-handed (usually in the treble clef), on the underside of the left (usually in the bass).


First disassemble the party of one hand, a better right. Play so slow in time to fulfill all the notes. If possible, count out loud, it's better than playing with a metronome. Do not accelerate the pace of large durations (whole and half) and did not slow down to smaller ones.
Do not try to play all the work (evenone hand) from beginning to end, especially if it takes more than one page. Divide it into logical parts and learn each separately and then connect.


In the same manner, disassemble the left hand: at a slow pace, in small fragments. Connect all the pieces. Losing over and over again, you will see that gradually memorize the notes. First, it is expressed in the ability to quickly find the right keys, then there will be less need to look at the notes.


Connect the left- and right-hand. Follow the same principles of the moderate (convenient) and the rate of small pieces. Play the passage several times, until you can repeat it without looking at notes. Then move on to the next.
Ideally, look at the keyboard, too, not worth it. For example, if the arms are located on opposite ends of the keyboard, and at some point they both require attention and control, one will have to play blindfolded. To do this, repeat the batch separately without looking at the keyboard. Then connect the party of both hands.

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