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How to learn the multiplication table quickly

How to learn the multiplication table quickly

Multiplication tables, children learn at the age of 8-9 years. At this time, the mechanical memory is well developed, so there is a method of memorization? Cramming ?.

With age, the mechanical memory is weakened.

However, there are children who have mechanical memory is underdeveloped, so they may have problems with learning multiplication tables.

You will need

  • -kartochki to remember table-
  • -Video games, poems



In children with poor mechanical memoryimaginative and emotional, as a rule, are better developed. Therefore memorizing multiplication tables should be built on this basis. should choose a stable association for learning. Each digit is selected as appropriate, and then clearly established connection between image and number, for example, the figure? 2? Swan correspondence. Let the child will choose the association, so it will be much easier. Then you write an example of multiplication, and the child comes up with an appropriate story or history. For adults it seems not very comfortable, but the children with their emotional thinking easily reproduce in memory created images.


In addition, you can memorize the multiplication table ina playful way. To do so the card with examples and answers. Select one of 10 pieces, the multiplication of which takes place on a single number. Arrange them in front of the child, even if he finds the correspondence between the examples and answers.


During games, walks give examplesUse multiplication tables in my life. For example, ask how many candies ate three friends, if each ate two candy. The options are many, most importantly, connect your imagination.
Children prone to memorize verses, you can offer to study the multiplication table in the poetic form. Thus, for example, the decision, the child will have an association with a rhyming line.


Many educators and psychologists are advised to studymultiplication table at the end. So there is a better memorization of multiplication by 9, 8, 7, 6 And having passed on half of the table, the child almost do not have to learn anything. Also, there are now special programs - simulators to study multiplication tables.

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