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How to learn letters

Teaching a child the letters - it is very responsible.

Many parents worry when they hear ofthe other, that their kid in 1.5 years knows the letters, but their own for 3, but the process of learning the alphabet progressing very slowly. And it is not that you can not do with a child in kindergarten or bad it is taught.

Perhaps the reason is methodical illiteracy.

You will need

  • - books
  • - ABC in pictures
  • - clay
  • - Magnetic Alphabet



Prepare for the study of letters with the baby.
To the child developed an interest in letters, often read books to him. It is recommended from the very first days of your baby's life to acquaint him with nursery rhymes, rhymes, etc. kolybelnymii

Later, read books with him, so that he saw in his mother's hands is something beautiful, with gentle words.
It was found that at the age of about 1.5 - 2 years the child begins to pay attention to the letters. The kid himself begins to take the book and show how to read their mother.
In the same period, and should be familiar with the characters of books, considering them.


Methods of studying the letters.
Buy your child the alphabet in pictures. It is more convenient, of course, to use a separate card, but if you can not find, can be cut and poster alphabet. Do not give up the books, in which, except for the letters and pictures, there is a funny poems.
A child may not understand what this poem, but if he will see and hear a tone to read my mother will know that this is a very fun and interesting book.
Learn the letters should be administered in 1-2 cards. They depict the subject and the first letter in the subject title.

Say the name of the letter, and then the name of the object. Repeat several times.
Read poems, where this letter is found, select it in the process.
If you regularly read with your child the alphabet, then soon the baby starts to repeat with you the letter, and then recognize them recognize them at the sight of another book or on the signs on the street.

The offer child find a picture with the required letter as among the proposed consolidation and repetition.

When all the letters are examined, repeat, use the same alphabet, offer your child a variety of tasks. By doing this you'll develop memory, attention, thinking of your child.
The attention of young children is still very unstable. Therefore it is best to engage in a bit, but every day.

The child, as if you did not want it, perhapsnot immediately be able to repeat the name of your letters. When the baby is ready, he will tell you what is the letter. The acquisition of knowledge a child, you can check out, offering to show one or the other picture. Ask him to find among the proposed any letter.
Do not force your child. This will discourage the desire to do, the next time he may protest when you sit for his studies. Kid will determine how long it will be enough for him. For young children it is very difficult to perceive this knowledge, so be considerate.

For better absorption of letters you can also use the following exercises:
- Pantomime picture the letter of the alphabet, help your child to do the same samoe-

- Ask the child to name objects in the room on a given bukvu-

- Often helps children learn the alphabet song sing-song rhymes about the letter.

- With older children, you can make a book, each page of which is a letter of the alphabet, and next to it? drawing object whose name starts with that bukvy-

- Encourage your child to draw, as they present the letter, if she suddenly came to life. What is her character, facial expression, etc.-

- Together sculpting letters out of plasticine. This activity is useful for fine motor finger, which contributes to the development of speech baby-

- Lay out the image of the letters of various items at home and on the street: of leaves, sticks, corn, etc.-

- Use of magnetic alphabet.

Use a variety of tasks.

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