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HOW to learn the Korean language

How to learn the Korean language

If you really want to learn the Korean language, you have to be patient.

In this case the required care and painstaking.

Examine his assaults - is also an option, but you should possess remarkable memory and subtle linguistic flair.

Still want it?

Then grasp the tutorial and get ready for exciting discoveries.



Do not immediately rush to the training text. Let them and says how to read each word and what it means, you should start rank by rank, that is, with the alphabet. He's not scary - it has only 19 consonants and 21 vowel.


Do not be lazy to draw in letters to special training notebooks. It is created to fill the hand and keep in mind the basis of language, from which you and will make a start in the future.


After cramming alphabet is not necessary to immediately proceed to the grammar. First, gather all the willpower in a fist and understand what in Korean syllables there are and how they are read.


Reading is kept in the Korean language in the mostexceptions than rules. Words have to learn not only their importance but also their writing. And on their pronunciation is not necessary to hope. Sounds at the junction of syllables can be changed or not read at all.


In reading the rules, you can easily get lost, so do not try to deal with them in one sitting, or in the head will be porridge. Extend the fun, but not for a long time on the topic of lint.


Already here you will slowly start to gainvocabulary, but if in the head after the occupation remains the place, you can throw it in a couple of extra sentences. It is worth to point out that for a lesson in the average adult is able to store about 30 new words.


Do not forget about phonetics! Language that is what language to speak it. Read theory, listen to the Korean language, repeat after the speaker.


Grammar in its structure is similar to mathematics. Do you have a formula described in the textbooks and on it you simply insert the desired variables.


Do not talk to yourself, otherwise do not understandtheir mistakes. Do not hesitate to communicate with foreigners in the forums. They do not eat, if only because it is very far away. But you may even be able to have a couple of friends in another country.


The language is very important imagery. You will not be able to understand how and what to say if you do not understand the Korean mentality. We'll have to stock up on books on regional geography, to explore life and culture.

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