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How to learn the history of Russia


How to learn the history of Russia</a>

As for the history of Russia, you will learn itIt will be much easier if you take into account the specifics of this particular area of ​​knowledge. It will be better if you teach the material on historical tickets, choose the most popular textbook, read material about public figures and rulers.

It is necessary to clearly and clearly imagine how much material and in what order are you going to state on the exam.



If you are preparing for an exam or a test, thenIt is best to teach the material not for tickets, but for historical periods. This reduces the danger that you will simply become entangled in numerous historical figures, rulers, wars, reforms and events. History develops naturally, the causes, events and consequences follow from the premises. So, if you know well the period of the reign of Ivan the Terrible, then it will not be difficult for you to name the main causes of the Troubles. If you are well prepared for the period of the Great Patriotic War and know how the country was devastated during the period of military operations and occupation, you can talk about the main problems of post-war economic development, about the restoration of the economy.


Another very important point: Among historians (both domestic and foreign) there is a huge scatter of opinions about various historical processes and events. In addition, many articles and textbooks are often full of unnecessary details. So do not try to embrace the immensity, stop on one textbook or manual. And not some exotic, relevant to the alternative history, and not an ancient Soviet manuscript found in the grandmother on the mezzanine. Take the most famous, for example, MSU publications. And if you will write some theoretical calculations on the exam in writing or orally, you can refer to it.


After you have learned the basic periods of history Of Russia, It would be nice to go through the historicalPersonalities: princes, kings, emperors, generals, public and political figures, bishops. If you have a good memory, then do not be lazy to find out and remember not only the name, but the name and patronymic of public figures and cultural figures. This has a positive effect on the examiner or checking the written work, since it indicates your broad-mindedness and literacy.

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