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How to learn the examination tickets SDA

How to learn the examination tickets for the SDA

Learn exam fees of traffic rules - guileless task if to approach her properly.

Without knowing the answers you do not resolve the theoretical part of the traffic police exam, and they can not be written off.

In total there are 40 tickets and 800 questions, knowing the answersfor which the rules themselves or by heart, you will be able to solve them. At the exam you are allowed to admit only 2 errors, so that the subject you need to know. Debit will not be possible due to the fact that the job will have to decide on the computer. Moreover, in the presence of the traffic police inspector your courage evaporate.

How to learn traffic tickets

It is best to approach the issue from the other side. Learn all the tickets is quite possible for one week, with a day for 4-5 hours. To get started is to read the rules of the road itself, and are already familiar with the basic terms, signs and part of the requirements to the movement on the road, you can begin to solve tickets.
Ideal for that will fit any known sitewith the tickets online, which gives commentary on the issues. The correct order in preparation for the delivery of all proreshivanie will order tickets remembering wrong answers. Those tickets that you have made more than 2 errors, star one digit, 1 mistake - a different figure. If you choose correctly, put in this room ticket number 0. So after the decision of 40 tickets, you will have great statistics and have tightened a little knowledge.
Now it's time to brush up on the rules in mind, especiallythose sections that had the most errors. After that, you have no choice as to re-try to solve all the tickets, which was not less than 1 error. So you will be able to compare whether your skills have improved relative to the first attempt.
As a rule, people rather 2-3 repetitionsthese actions to memorize the correct answers and good understanding of the rules. Significantly improve its performance, it is safe to try to solve the task, in which the questions will be mixed, ie from 40 different tickets randomly combined into one.

What to know traffic rules

Correctly deciding 10-15 tickets, you can no longerexperience and not to cram, you will be able to solve the domestic ticket, and then the traffic police exam. Here, as in any other discipline or work, it is important to learn the theory, to later use it well on the road during a training ride and after obtaining the rights for driving his car.
Learn the rules of the road is very important,as the most basic you will remember forever. Usually it is enough to spend on a trip a lifetime without an accident. Anyway knowing the answers to questions that arise during the ride, it calms and gives confidence in their actions.

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