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How to learn the exam

How to learn the exam

Whether the student, the student or the driver in a driving school - all exams passed. The volume of material that must be learned before the exam is quite large, and you need to know it thoroughly.

Therefore, the main rule in the preparation is that the need to learn throughout the semester, rather than 3-4 days before the exam.

But even before the exam there are only a few days, you can learn all of the material, using the following rules.



Schedule. Probably every student met with a problem when what could be learned within a month, studying the night before the exam. So try once and for all change tactics? after receiving questions and materials, distribute information in small portions to the test. Thus, you save yourself from stress before the exam, because everything is already prepared far in advance.


Peace and quiet. Three hours of study material including noise, are an hour in silence. So try not to teach in public places.


Organization. If all of your stuff is in disarray, you spend much more time looking for information than to study it. Try to assemble and organize data.


Take breaks. Even if you have very little time, we should not teach without a break. The more tired your brain, body, memory, perception and the eye, the less you can remember information. The intervals of 5-10 minutes will help you greatly in the preparation.


Use a variety of methods. Some items are much easier to learn with the help of examples, the other with the help of graphs or tables. Try to choose those methods in which you learn the easiest.


Reiteration. should sometimes repeat it for better absorption of the material. For example, after you have learned a question, repeat the previous few.


Writing. Many people have highly developed visual and muscular memory. So sometimes the preparation of summaries helps to better remember the material you write. Try to write thoughtfully, consciously? the only way you get to remember the material.

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