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How to learn the exam


How to learn the exam</a>

Whether it's a schoolboy, a student or a driver in a driving school - exams were all. The amount of material that you need to learn before the exam is quite large, and you need to know it thoroughly.

Therefore, the main rule in preparing is that you need to learn throughout the semester, and not 3-4 days before the exam.

But even if there are only a few days left before the exam, you can learn all the material using the following rules.



Schedule. Probably every student met with a problem, when what could be learned within a month, learns the night before the exam. So try to change tactics once and for all? After receiving questions and material, distribute the information in small portions until the exam itself. Thus, you eliminate yourself from stress before the exam, because everything is already prepared far before it starts.


Silence and peace. Three hours of studying the material among the noise, equal to an hour in silence. So try not to teach in crowded places.


Organization. If all your stuff is in a mess, then you spend much more time looking for information than learning it. Try to organize and organize the data.


Take breaks. Even if you have very little time left, you should not learn without breaks. The more tired your brain, body, memory, perception and eyes, the less you can remember information. Breaks of 5-10 minutes will greatly help you with the preparation.


Use different methods. Some subjects are much easier to learn with the help of examples, others with graphs or tables. Try to select the methods in which you learn the easiest.


Reiteration. For better mastery of the material, you should sometimes repeat it. For example, after you have learned one question, repeat the previous ones.


Writing. Many people have a strong visual and muscular memory. Therefore, sometimes preparing the notes helps to better remember the material that you are writing. Try to write thoughtfully, consciously? Only in this way you can remember the material.

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